She is an advocate for women in her community that want to showcase their own creativity, of making their lives the best you can have, and always being open to opportunities and travels. We are thrilled to have her shed light on the topic of Women & Travel and give a little insight into the Black Travel Movement.

Samana, Dominican Republic 2

‘Wanderpreneur’ Yulia Denisyuk is a passionate storyteller and photographer specializing in travel and human stories. After having worked with several Fortune 500 companies as a brand manager and strategist, Yulia turned to a career in travel journalism and never looked back.

You may have seen her on EXTRA talking with Mario Lopez, or on KTLA Morning News. You may be following her on Instagram and liking all of her photos, or have seen her interview well-known designers like Charlotte Olympia and Ozwald Boateng. Wherever the platform, Taye Hansberry, is on your radar, and ours too.


From an early age Elaine Li of @lielaine has had creativity radiating from her in many different forms, be it Art Direction, Design, Content Creation, or Photography. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she studied and lived abroad in Melbourne, Australia for over 7 years, spending endless moments behind the lens of her camera along the way.


Generally, I’m terrified of anything that lives and moves under water. Dolphins are not the exception and even though I have touched and played with dolphins before, I was on land and not sharing the same pot of water with them. However, on a recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii, I got to experience something I had not done before.


We all have dream destinations we want to visit one day. Whether it’s in the country or somewhere abroad, we all have the yearning to step foot into a different place and see something unique, something fascinating. Palawan is one of the most notable travel destinations in the Philippines.


Designer and owner of the new and very popular Venice Beach restaurant Leona, Breegan Jane is our girl crush of the week. Breegan is a designer that began her career at the age of 18 when for the first time she had to decorate her own retail space.


Meet Robin Berzin MD, doctor in Functional Medicine and Founder & CEO of Parsley Health, a company that offers a new approach to health, taking into consideration your medical history, habits, food, environment and all the things that affect your life and influence your health.

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Sunny Lenarduzzi has inspired our business model in so many ways. Her fun and creative videos are helping millions of people understand and use social media to their best potential, especially video. Not only that, she also helps people live their lives on their own terms.

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an urban – pop exhibition featuring more than 15 critically acclaimed artists presenting their most provocative work yet. The show will be taking place on October 1st and Fucci is one of the leading artists, also designer of the show’s image.

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This Wanderlust event is focused on courageous women that have dared to get out of their comfort zone to go on solo trips, debunk social stereotypes, open their minds to new adventures and build careers and businesses out of it.

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