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Montreal, a Canadian city celebrating its 375th anniversary this year, is the epicenter of the artistic movement in Canada.

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that Hayo has been awarded Best Niche / Special Interest Magazine in Canada by the Canadian Magazines Awards

Being such a large metropolis where many different cultures converge, Bangkok is a fascinating city that caters to many different interests.

Before I mention this amazing place we discovered, there are two things you should know about Koh Tao…

Photographer Ryan Cheng has a newfound appreciation for the desert life after visiting the Namibian desert and learning about how life (animals and plants) survived in the desert

To wrap up TED week, Hayo hosted a TED Shabbat Dinner that brought together 40 personalities of the tech, media, and education industries of Vancouver mixed with visitors attending TED.

Quick Reads

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi specializes in very intricate architectural pieces made of wire usually present in public spaces. This time, Edoardo was tasked with the creation of a piece for a royal event in Abu Dhabi.

Artist Carson Davis Brown created a new series called Mass, a site-specific installation that uses objects found in big-box stores to create unauthorized sculptures.

Sometimes a moment is all you need to put things into perspective or to see the bigger picture. These are the artists we are following.

Travel Hacks

Remember the girl from high school who moved to Spain, developed a friendship with her Brazilian neighbor, then spent three weeks in Sao Paulo with his family for Christmas? Have you ever wondered how these types of people manage to score such exciting opportunities?

The almighty coconut oil strikes back. You probably have heard, read or tried the wonderfulness of coconut oil in almost any application of life. And if you haven’t, here’s a little introduction to the multiple benefits this single product can bring to your life. Below are 10 creative ways to use coconut oil benefits for traveling and some facts about it.