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Paper art is a unique craft, being very technical and constructed differently. See our favourites from Australian paper designer Benja Harney.

From enjoying a floating wilderness lodge to horseback riding in the desert, these dreamy places to escape to are sure to give you an itch for adventure travel.

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that Hayo has been awarded Best Niche / Special Interest Magazine in Canada by the Canadian Magazines Awards

Marrakech, Morocco–in addition to rich cultural history and heritage–boasts an impressive mix of luxurious hotels and spas. Take a look inside for our favourites.

Beautiful works of art can be found in all corners of the world. See our list of Art fairs you need to the check out this month.

Take a #5secondvacay with us and find out what to eat, where to go, and what to do in our pick for the city of the week. This week: Vancouver.

Quick Reads

Boutique Hotels are the perfect balance between art and design, combining whimsical design elements and visual escapes with architectural creativity.

From Design ingenuity and innovation to whimsical elements of decor, we’ve got our list of favourites from this year’s Interior Design Show for your viewing pleasure.

With adventure travel becoming increasingly popular, the level of tourist attractions in any given destination is skyrocketing. This list we’ve put together shares some of the world’s best travel secrets to immerse yourself in other cultures.

Travel Hacks

Have found yourself wanting to try tasty new menu options when going to eat at a Mexican restaurant? Well, you’re in luck because we have a new list of mouth-watering dishes that are sure become your new favourites. Step aside nachos!

From exploring new cities to planning curated itineraries, this list of travel apps will get you from point A to B and everywhere in between and will do it in style. With these apps, you’ll get some visual aids, travel advice, flight information and everything else in between to make your next trip the best it can be.