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They say art comes in many forms, and spirits are no exception. Learn more about the art of craft cocktail-making from bartenders-turned-business owners James Lester and Richard Klaus.

With adventure travel becoming increasingly popular, the level of tourist attractions in any given destination is skyrocketing. This list we’ve put together shares some of the world’s best travel secrets to immerse yourself in other cultures.

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that Hayo has been awarded Best Niche / Special Interest Magazine in Canada by the Canadian Magazines Awards

When thinking of explorative travel, the North is often overlooked. That’s why we’ve brought you a list of must-see northern destinations to give you inspiration for your next trip.

We all know that water has some great revitalizing powers, but you don’t necessarily have to drink it to enjoy its benefits, like this list of natural hot springs to check out while vacationing in Tuscany.

Ritu Prasad takes us on a culinary journey of the best places to try traditional Indian Tiffin, a South Indian staple among locals.

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These backpacks are redefining the term ‘Wearable Art’ in the most unique and stunning ways, combining both design and function.

We’ve got you covered with the full lineup of artists and a chance to win tickets to the show. Details inside.

Artist Roberto Benavidez is taking an intriguing outlook on the art of pinata-making, drawing inspiration from Dutch Painter Hieronymous Bosch.

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Remember the girl from high school who moved to Spain, developed a friendship with her Brazilian neighbor, then spent three weeks in Sao Paulo with his family for Christmas? Have you ever wondered how these types of people manage to score such exciting opportunities?

The almighty coconut oil strikes back. You probably have heard, read or tried the wonderfulness of coconut oil in almost any application of life. And if you haven’t, here’s a little introduction to the multiple benefits this single product can bring to your life. Below are 10 creative ways to use coconut oil benefits for traveling and some facts about it.