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You’ll find her on Instagram as @witandfolly always sharing inspirational stories, heartfelt messages, and whimsical photographs. Melissa Teng will win you over with her authenticity.

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A true Creative City is one that caters to the whole spectrum of talent. Creativity and innovation happen in the unexpected and fortuitous connections that occur on a daily basis in an urban environment. Here are the cities that are leading the way of the future.


Ljubljana –pronounced loo-blee-ah-nah–, capital of Slovenia, has somehow managed to stay off the radar of the flock of tourists that visit Europe every year, but little do they know that this city is home to an eccentric and unique creative scene.


Last spring my boyfriend and I were sitting at a little Mexican restaurant in the West Village, possibly a few too many margaritas deep, we were discussing what we should do with our weekend.


French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux was commissioned to transform a 2,000 sq. meters exhibition space at the National Art Center of Tokyo to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.


Along our travels, we’ve seen how the noteworthy role of local creatives and makers in communities of all sizes is shaping local economies.

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The 14th annual photo contest organized by Smithsonian magazine has some really incredible submissions and we wanted to share the striking photographs selected as finalists for the Travel category.


It was an experience of pure consumption by all the senses that cannot be recreated—only remembered, fondly.

Sometimes a moment is all you need to put things into perspective or to see the bigger picture. These are the artists we are following.

Travel Hacks

Remember the girl from high school who moved to Spain, developed a friendship with her Brazilian neighbor, then spent three weeks in Sao Paulo with his family for Christmas? Have you ever wondered how these types of people manage to score such exciting opportunities?


The almighty coconut oil strikes back. You probably have heard, read or tried the wonderfulness of coconut oil in almost any application of life. And if you haven’t, here’s a little introduction to the multiple benefits this single product can bring to your life. Below are 10 creative ways to use coconut oil benefits for traveling and some facts about it.