If Sweden is on the itinerary for your next trip, make sure you head to Kyrkö and visit its now infamous car cemetery. The history of the cemetery starts in a peat bog in Southern Sweden…

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The characters in Ola’s stories live in dynamic environments and each has a lively personality that helps tell the general and also hold its own plot. Her vibrant work can also be appreciated in public spaces on murals she has created herself or collaborations with other artists in multiple cities.

The Los Angeles’ The Broad Museum won the Leading Culture Destination Award, or Museum Oscars (so nicknamed). Why The Broad? The answer is part infamy and hype, and part curiosity and wonder.


With his tongue planted in his cheek, my father likes to warn me that I’ll miss him when he’s gone. He says this in particular after I point out that he asks a lot of questions. This back-and-forth has been repeated even more in recent months as I planned a mini Euro tour to cross some items off his ever-growing bucket list, while also visiting sites of recent, and not-so-recent, terror.

A photo by Shreyans Sipani. unsplash.com/photos/hlPIWoJQdK0

Let’s be honest: ‘glamping’ isn’t exactly the most tantalizing term to toss around. There’s no delicate roll off the tongue and it always makes me start humming Glamorous by Fergie (ft. Ludacris).

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Meet Cambiami, a revolutionary shoewear brand that allows you to have dozens of pair of shoes without taking any space in your closet or your bag! How? They have invented a system that helps you change the color of your strap…

Hickies x Hayo

Isn’t it annoying when you have to take your shoes off at the airport and you’re wearing sneakers and it’s mega irritating to undo and do your shoelaces again? What if we told you there’s a product out there that turns your lace-up shoes into slip-ons?…

cuyana x hayo

Cuyana is a Los Angeles-based company with a great sense of style. Their designs are geared towards a customer that understands that “fewer is better”. Their simple, yet very elegant and functional design has conquered our hearts.

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Our senses play an important role in the way we relate to a place or a moment in time. When we walk around a place we hadn’t seen before, everything that we see, touch, smell or taste has an extra layer of magic and surprise.

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It’s that time of the year again, pumpkin spice lattes and umbrellas are the main stars of this fall season and it’s the perfect time to snuggle with a warm tea and a great book, or a magazine