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Ljubljana –pronounced loo-blee-ah-nah–, capital of Slovenia, has somehow managed to stay off the radar of the flock of tourists that visit Europe every year, but little do they know that this city is home to an eccentric and unique creative scene.


The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, is usually not the destination people have in mind when they think of this country. Everyone comes in the summer and heads directly to the coastal towns, but the overlooked city also has some amazing things to offer.


Over the past seven years, Ravi Sahni has lead curious travelers and enlightenment seekers from all over the world through the corridors, temples and hidden corners of Varanasi life.


Along our travels, we’ve seen how the noteworthy role of local creatives and makers in communities of all sizes is shaping local economies.

JAUNT06 - Hedof in Helsinki, Finland

The Jaunt combines the two best things in life; Art & Travel. We send artists on trips all over the world in order to become inspired.


In Mathura, India, villagers and animals are not used to extreme weather fluctuations and in the event of the recent drop in temperatures, the community has come together to produce warm ponchos, onesies and pajama-like outfits for the rescued elephants that live at the Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center.

Product Highlights

I come across a variety of products throughout the year and only the ones I actually like and find value in, get to be featured on Hayo print, online or any other of my media partners.

Located in Granada, Nicaragua, a small but vibrant community is thriving by making beautifully handcrafted hammocks, swings, and baby seats.


Meet Cambiami, a revolutionary shoewear brand that allows you to have dozens of pair of shoes without taking any space in your closet or your bag! How? They have invented a system that helps you change the color of your strap…

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LAST MINUTE will open it’s doors on Saturday, December 17th from 12pm – 7pm and will be hosting an all day party complete with discounts, holiday drinks and good vibes. Location: 8. E. Cordova St., Gastown, Vancouver. Days Open:
Saturday, December 17th – Wednesday, December 21st.

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wanderlust series

[POSTPONED] Wanderlust Series on Empathy & Mindfulness with Yashat Najeti & Dustin Fruson

Join us at our final Wanderlust Series of 2016! We have two special guests for this talk with very different life stories. 2016 has been a year that made us reflect on who we are as human beings and what we want history to be. We have seen, on repeated occasions, how hate and lack of tolerance take center stage and how it seems we have returned to the past where racism and religious persecutions are normal.