cheap ways to travel

Get it Cheap! 3 Apps For Finding The Most Affordable Flights

By: Oliver Wilson   When it comes to budgeting travel expenses, most tourists find airline flights the most expensive part of vacations. In fact, early last month, Fortune revealed that the top US airlines announced that they have raised the cost of flights since last year. Despite...

bizarre hobbies

15 Most Bizarre Hobbies around the World [Infographic]

What we do in our own time is totally up to us, but for some people it becomes a real business. Check out this infographic to find the most bizarre hobbies around the world and let us know if you have one yourself!     Source:

Puerto Colombia x Hayo

The Undiscovered Town of Puerto Colombia

Located on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, and once the country's main port city, Puerto Colombia is now a town where time goes by slowly, where artists have settled, and families have found affordable homes. Famous for the "Pier of Puerto Colombia", that served as...


Light Studies with Francesco Sambati, Photographer of the Week

Born in Italy, Francesco Sambati is a self-taught photographer currently living in Lecce, a city located in Puglia, a region in the deep south of Italy famous for its Baroque architecture and for the remains of its ancient civilization "messapica". About his career as a photographer, Francesco says: Before...

Barrio Prado x Hayo

Stopover in Barranquilla: Places to Eat, See and Enjoy

Barranquilla, located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, is not your common tourist destination. The main tourism this city receives is commercial, meaning executives flying in for business meetings. I'm from Barranquilla and for years I have struggled to recommend things to do to people...

junichi ota10

Photographer of the Week: Junichi Ota, Japan

Junichi Õta is an amateur photographer based in Japan. He's submission to the EyeEm x Hayo contest was successful and his photograph is now part of the "My South" photo essay of Hayo No. 1: South. Junichi's photographs are almost a capture of his memory, an instant...

Pines in Donana NP

Spanish Views: A Road Trip in The South of Spain

The green and pleasant French landscape ended abruptly at the Pyrenees: the mountainous ridge stretching from the North Sea to the Mediterranean dividing France from Spain. We were disgorged onto the plains of Spain via the tunnels under the mountains, where the road vanished into...

Kutna Hora x Hayo2

Made for the Curious: Kutna Hora

I bumped into Kutna Hora while I was researching for my solo trip to the Czech Republic. As I read more about it, my traveller’s senses were tickled enough with curiosity to explore this mysterious town. First day in Czech and I decided to step...

Woodwards parking lot

Photographer of The Week: Chris Wong, Vancouver

An independent consultant in communications and marketing, Chris Wong is also a photographer and Instagrammer. Based in Vancouver, Chris is able to capture the simplicity of everyday life with a particular eye for symmetry and perfection. He captures all kinds of lifestyle photography, but his true...