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The captivating isle of Lesvos – the third largest in Greece – lies nestled close to the Western coast of Turkey. Steeped in tradition, it is strewn with significant geological monuments, historic archaeological sites, medieval castles, Byzantine monasteries, and traditional villages. Not to mention its amazing beaches, traditional Greek cuisine and breathtaking sunsets.
Regrettably, in recent years Lesvos has been hit by a number of crises, both economic and humanitarian, decimating the island’s main income source: tourism. In the aftermath, a new idea emerged: “Healing Lesvos” – a roadmap of how to renew and transport Lesvos to a more sustainable, independent and prosperous future. As part of this, Digital Nomads Lesvos was launched.


Lesvos is a fantastic place for digital nomads; living costs are very affordable, WIFI is fast and reliable, and right now, with the drop in tourism, Lesvos is a perfect location to experience a very authentic side of Greece to truly get to know and experience the place and it’s people. Greeks are renowned for their hospitality; Lesvians are rightly proud of their beautiful island and love welcoming new people to it.



Digital Nomads Lesvos offers a choice of accommodation, with locations to suit every personality: from the peace and ease of Birds Bay, to charming Petra to bustling Molyvos, plus, a communal live/work space that can accommodate up to 40-60 people, offering connectivity and a productive working environment while overlooking an idyllic seaside landscape, a relaxing infinity pool and sunbeds for downtime. The space is ideal for group work retreats and busy entrepreneurs alike.


The Healing Lesvos Living Lab project, which is the umbrella project where Digital Nomads Lesvos was born, is really all about bringing people with ideas and new ways of thinking together to find much-needed solutions for an island that has been hit by unpredicted crises. Many people who embrace the digital nomad lifestyle are already used to thinking outside of the box to overcome obstacles, constantly adapting to new and unfamiliar situations. The project is open anyone from all walks of life and offers a unique opportunity to entwine themselves in a project that will be making a difference in the community.


Aside from Digital Nomads Lesvos and The Healing Lesvos Living Lab Project, there are so many other possibilities. Some are already in motion, while others are still in the conceptual stage. Elena Atsikbasis, Founder of  both Digital Nomads Lesvos and the Healing Lesvos Project, has also started working on an ocean cleanup/marine conservation park to help combat pollution and its environmental effects, and to protect and conserve marine species like the monk seal and loggerhead turtle.


Other possibilities include yoga retreats, art classes, and business/team building retreats. In these projects, new ideas for alternative tourism are welcomed. One such idea is to create a number of functional artworks around the island. The beauty of Lesvos is that it is full of inspiration; Ai Weiwei has already set up a studio on Lesvos, and more artists-in- residence are most welcome. If you are itching for a change and have a desire to work remotely in a gorgeous little corner of the world, Digital Nomads Lesvos is the place to be.


Photos courtesy of Digital Nomad Lesvos. 


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