Manu Grinspan’s ‘1Street’ Series Highlights Unique Cities Around The World

We’ve brought you 5 Second Guides of some of our favourite vacation spots around the world, offering you a small glimpse into what makes these cities so special, but what if you could only choose one street to encompass the heart of a city? When it comes to photographer Manu Grinspan and his 1Street photo series, we can almost hear him saying “Challenge accepted.”


Manu has travelled all over the map to places like Tel Aviv, the Butte Montmartre in Paris, and plans to continue his series of captivating and artistic snapshots to try and show the essence of the cities he visits. Take a visual tour of his ability to capture the urban nightlife and pulse of each place and see for yourself why we’re obsessed.





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All Images: Manu Grinspan




Rose Huet
Rose Huet

Rose Huet has always had a keen interest in all things worldly. Described as a curator of experiences, she has an insatiable thirst for adventure and cultural immersion. After moving back home from her six-month stay in England, she decided to enrol at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, studying fashion and travel journalism.

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