Hickies: The Reimagined Shoelaces That Are Changing The Way You Travel

Isn’t it annoying when you have to take your shoes off at the airport and you’re wearing sneakers and it’s mega irritating to undo and do your shoelaces again? What if we told you there’s a product out there that turns your lace-up shoes into slip-ons? That’s awesome! You can also find this product in our Travel Essentials section on Hayo No. 2: East.


Meet Hickies, one of the most fun, more innovative and super practical inventions of our time. We love a good story when it comes to products and they have a romantic one: founders Mariquel Waingarten and Gaston Frydlewski were two lovers who left Argentina for New York with a plan to change the world of sneakers forever and so Hickies became their first born.


When we started using these rubber laces, we thought they were too tight for our shoes, but very soon we learned that it was while the rubber got used to been worn. Now, we couldn’t imagine using any other pair of sneakers without having Hickies on. It’s just so simple the way it works and not only that, they look amazing! This has helped the way we travel, now it’s so simple to take our shoes off and put them back on hassle free.


You can find them in different colors, for kids or adults, and if you get more than a few, you can mix and match colors to make your own combo. Can’t think of a better way to add some flavor, fun and practicality to your shoes. Check out some photos below and place your order today, because we can assure you, you’ll love them and once you get hooked, there’s no coming back to old school, crappy laces!


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