Photographer of the Week: Dina Alfasi, Israel

This week we’d like to present you Dina Alfasi, an Israeli photographer, mother of an 11 year old boy – Guy – that usually appears in many of her photos. She’s one of the winner of the photo contest we launched earlier this year with EyeEm and her photograph is now part of our South issue. She’s also the co-founder of a new startup: Food Tourz.


She’s an Engineering Architecture and photographer by trade. “I’m not a professional photographer, but for me photography is a way of life. It’s like an additional sense that allows to tell a story through my eyes, my perspective. I shoot mostly street scenes and portraits, trying to capture intimate moments, the kind that carry a lot of emotions. Love, pain, fear, joy, no matter what emotion, as long as whoever looks at the picture will truly feel something. That the life of the viewer will be touched, sort of influenced, by the photo”.


Her photography showcases the simple life, the everyday moments that we miss, that slip through our hands and that time forgets. She captures those instants with calculated precision, to bring to the viewer an innocent spontaneity. She created a series of photos taken during her train travels using only an iphone. You can follow along with the hashtag#mytrainmoments (EyeEm) #mydtrainmoments (Instagram).


You can see more of her work on EyeEm, Instagram, or VSCO.


Dina Alfasi x Hayo14 Dina Alfasi x Hayo15 Dina Alfasi x Hayo13 Dina Alfasi x Hayo12 Dina Alfasi x Hayo11 Dina Alfasi x Hayo6 Dina Alfasi x Hayo7 Dina Alfasi x Hayo8 Dina Alfasi x Hayo9 Dina Alfasi x Hayo10 Dina Alfasi x Hayo4 Dina Alfasi x Hayo3 Dina Alfasi x Hayo2 Dina Alfasi x Hayo1 Dina Alfasi x Hayo


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