A Local’s Guide to Berlin: Ramzi Rizk, Photographer and Entrepreneur

ramzCo-founder and CTO of EyeEm, a Berlin based community and marketplace for photography, and a film photographer himself, Ramzi Rizk is in love with Berlin. Originally from Lebanon, he moved to Germany at age 21 and lived in Hamburg for a year before permanently moving to Berlin, the place that he proudly calls home.

Ramzi, a laidback yet energetic character, chose Berlin over any other city, because, as he puts it: “It’s pretty young and innovative, and the combination of art, innovation and creativity makes it distinctly unique. It’s an amazingly vibrant and creative place, one that still has quite a bit of rawness and edge to it.”

His passion for photography dates back to his youth, and creating EyeEm was a natural development of his interests. Traveling is not always easy when running a startup, but the advantages of being located in a central city like Berlin are the quick weekend getaways. Ramzi likes to travel alone, exploring the cities on foot and taking photos of the street life. “I tend to avoid the sights and rather discover where and how the locals live. I always try to find a food market wherever I go—it’s always an awesome culinary adventure!”.

We’ve asked Ramzi his opinions and recommendations on travel, Berlin and how to enjoy this city like him, a local/expat who’s passionate about it.

If you could choose the top 3 cities you’ve visited, which ones would they be and why?
New York tops my list; it’s like a more evolved version of Berlin, the energy in that city is addictive. Another city with great energy, amazing museums and art scene and great food is London. Finally, Barcelona is a beautiful city with a very laidback attitude, great food and amazing architecture.

What kind of city is Berlin?
Berlin is a balancing act, it’s a city still trying to define itself, torn between east and west, art and innovation. It’s very easy to lose oneself in the party scene here, or to spend days on end lazing around at cafes, in parks or lakes. Its districts are like cities unto themselves, each with their own kind of residents, nightlife, attitude. It’s got something for everyone.

What do you like the most about it?
I struggled to think of one thing, and I couldn’t. The people, the summers, the energy, the creativity. It’s the perfect place for me.

On a sunny summer day in Berlin, where can we find you?
Berlin is one of the greenest capitals in the world—there are parks around every corner, and dozens of beautiful lakes. On a sunny summer day, I love going out to one of those lakes with friends, swimming, partying, grilling, sailing. Beautiful!

What do you always travel with?
I travel pretty light, I only really need my camera(s), phone and a notebook to write things down.

So finally, what are your recommendations to enjoy Berlin the way you do?

Berlin Like A Local: Ramzi Rizk's Recommendations

By Hayo Magazine

Ramzi is co-founder of EyeEm and film photographer based in Berlin.

  • Cafe Bilderbuch – Brunch in the winter

    By Hayo Magazine

    Sunday brunch is a religion here

  • Cabslam – Brunch in the summer

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Open air parties in the summer!

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Gallery Weekend

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Lakes! Liepnitzsee or Sacrowersee

    By Hayo Magazine

    They're still relatively undiscovered, beautifully pristine waters.

  • Photowalks to abandoned places

    By Hayo Magazine

    The locations are being slowly but surely bought and renovated, there are still tons of them in and around the city.

  • White wine and sunset on Landwehrkanal

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Go sailing on Wannsee

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Bar: Lugosi

    By Hayo Magazine

    We've got bars around every corner, they're open until sunrise, and most of them are awesome

  • Bar: 8mm

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Bar: Geist im Glas

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Party, after-party, after-after-party

    By Hayo Magazine

    Spend an entire weekend out (at least once)

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