Hayo x EyeEm Photo Mission: South

A few months ago we launched a photo mission in partnership with EyeEm, a creative community and marketplace for emerging photographers. The objective of this mission was to discover the meaning of South through images around the world. The winners would be featured in our first print issue Hayo No. 1: South. We received more than 7,000 submissions and here are some of our favorite images. If you want to know who the winners were, keep an eye on our print issue!



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Authors in order of appearance: Francesco Sambati, april angelo, Constantin Schiller, Serge Vuillermoz, JCbetancourt.photo, Saya Hudzaifah, Becca, Dina Alfasi, Francesco Sambati, Don Ludwig, Junichi Ota, Benjamin Lee, joelmartirez.


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