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NYC – Clients & Cocktails

This is the inaugural edition of Clients & Cocktails, a series that will highlight great places where doing business is both appropriate and desirable. As with any column of this type, there will always be favorites I missed so I encourage you to mention them in the comments. I’m always down for finding new places!

Starting with New York City, a city built for business, was easy enough. This is a city where much of the relationship building and early seeds of big deals are planted over cocktails and dinner well into the evening. Here are a few of my favorite spots to eat, drink, impress, be impressed, and to have a great time doing business with great people. Life’s too short for anything else.

NYC: Clients & Cocktails

By Dario Meli

Go-to spots for a great dining and/or cocktails experience worthy of taking a client in NYC

  • Marea

    By Dario Meli

    2 Michelin Star Italian seafood restaurant on Central Park South. Enough said.

  • Rue 57

    By Dario Meli

    I have a lot of affinity for this place. The food is good, the drinks are good, the service is great. I've consistently had a good time at this place and know it wont let me down.

  • Hudson Hotel

    By Dario Meli

    The Hudson has a cool library bar as well as a great outdoor courtyard. If you find yourself near Columbus Circle in need of a spot to meet a client, this works great.

  • Standard Grill

    By Dario Meli

    The restaurant at the base of the iconic Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing district can be loud in the lounge but the seated area in the back is great for food, drinks, and business.

  • Crosby Street Hotel

    By Dario Meli

    Right in SoHo, this is a great place day or night to meet a client and do business.

  • The Breslin Bar @ The Ace Hotel

    By Dario Meli

    Located at the infamously nerdy yet excellent Ace Hotel, its an easy and familiar place to meet clients, co-workers, or just hang out after work.

  • ABC Kitchen

    By Dario Meli

    Great location between Madison Square Park and Union Square. Low key, amazing food, great cocktails.

  • David Burke Townhouse

    By Dario Meli

    If you are looking to impress, do not sleep on this perennial favorite.

  • Buddakan NYC

    By Dario Meli

    One of my favorite places anywhere, never had a bad time. Food and people watching are excellent. Arrive early and enjoy the lounge before sitting.

What are you favorite spots for doing business in NYC?

Cover photo by Monika Clarke.

Dario Meli
Dario Meli

CEO of Quietly, entrepreneur & business strategist, Co-founder of Invoke and Hootsuite. Dario is a lover of travel, fantastic cocktails, and great conversations. Connect with him @quikness on Twitter

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