The Undiscovered Beauty of Jacmel, Haiti

Last spring my boyfriend and I were sitting at a little Mexican restaurant in the West Village, possibly a few too many margaritas deep, we were discussing what we should do with our weekend. Our schedules were totally clear, it was spring, and therefore we found ourselves feeling a bit stir crazy. We made a split minute decision to buy the cheapest flight in the world, wherever it may be outside of the United States, for the following morning. This is how I ended up in Jacmel, Haiti. What ensued was a consciousness expanding 4 days, in which I found myself in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world, but also the most stricken poverty and dangerous place.


Being the premier “beach town” of Haiti, Jacmel has waterfalls to climb, mountains and rivers to traverse, and cultural markets polka dotting its early colonial streets. Although Haiti is not a travel destination for the faint of heart, it is sure to leave you with some experiences, conversations, and vistas you are not bound to forget.


Michael Dittrich


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