8 Things You Must Try When You Visit French Riviera

Located in southeastern France, French Riviera is one of the most unique and beautiful French locations you can ever visit. The glamorous beauty, the enchanting seaside villas and the wonderful natural exuberance which one can experience at this place, have turned this place into a famous seaside destination a long ago. Since the 18th century, travelers have been flocking to this glorious seaside resort to indulge in its beauty and luxury. You can simply book a French Riviera Mansion to get a first-hand experience of the lavishness and comfort this place has in store for you. And while you enjoy all the luxuries French Riviera offers, here are the top eight things which you must try out while you enjoy your vacation in this beautiful destination.


1. Take a bit of risk at the Casino at Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo – Though Monaco is seemingly a small, quaint little town it goes big in the glitz and glamour quotient. The extravagant casino in Monte Carlo attracts the richest of rich people trying to woo their luck. The Casino was built in 1864 by Charles Garnier, who is also the architect of the Paris opera house. The main hall is magnificently built, exuding rich grandeur and extravaganza, and looks luring enough for you to gamble your life away or make an enormous fortune, depending on the kind of day you are having. The casino is equipped with both traditional as well as modern Las Vegas style innovative gambling gadgets. Salles Privées. Is the place where the premium rollers fight it out. Though gambling is a harmful vice, the setting would demand to take a risk or two.


2. Visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat

The pristine hills above St Jean Cap Ferrat boast of a beautiful, pink-tinged, neoclassical facade is renowned for its lush gardens. There are sections consisting of fragrant roses and similar flowers which pass into sublime cascading fountains and lead the way into tropical, Japanese and classical French Gardens. What is more, breathtaking though, is the panoramic spread view of the rocky hillsides and the Mediterranean. There is also an exotic Rose and Plant festival you have got to attend if you visit during the month of May.


3. Visit La Croisette, Cannes

Though the beauty of Cannes has been marred a little with an overflowing influx of tourists each year, mainly due to the Film Festival happening annually, it is still one of the premium destinations while in the French Riviera. La Croisette in Cannes is one of the most exotic urban beaches on the Côte d’Azur, standing out because of its shiny golden sand and soothing waves.


4. Visit Nice’s Carnival and Try Exquisite Food

If you visit The French Riviera in February, you must attend the Nice’s carnival. It is one of the most extravagant carnivals in the world. The highlight of the party is that the revelers who throw flowers in a flower fight while dressing up in an impressive, breezy manner. While being in Nice’s flower market one must try Socca. It is the local chickpea pancake that is visually similar to a crepe. It comes from the region around Nice and its border Italy.


5. Visit the Old Town and Port of Antibes

The port of Antibes is a captivatingly busy town that, unlike the other posh resorts around the Cote de Azure does not close off during off seasons. If you are the one for old world charm, the busy streets of the vegetable market and shops is an attraction you cannot pass off. Antibes may be situated at the very heart of the French Riviera, but it’s friendlier and more low-profile than its neighbors.


6. Enjoy Nature on the Iles d’Hyères

Iles d’Hyères is a beautiful little place which you have to visit when you spend your vacation days in French Riviera. Made up of three gorgeous looking islands, this dream of a place is located just a little bit away from the coast of St Tropez and Toulon. Porquerolles is the largest island among the three, where you can enjoy nature in its purest form. This car-free island is a haven for its visitors, where you can spend your time cycling around the island or exploring the hidden corners on your feet. Head towards the northern side of the island to chill on the beautiful sandy beaches full of pine trees or visit the southern coast to enjoy a much-rugged landscape.


7. Enjoy the Classic French Food

French Riviera is a beautiful place to enjoy some of the most authentic French food you will ever get to taste in your life. The locality is blessed with some of the most beautiful seafood and fresh ingredients. You will also get to taste some of the finest French wines in this place. The streets are lined with beautiful restaurants, bistros and cafes, where you can get your share of classic French food. You can also indulge in the beautiful dishes offered by the numerous seaside restaurants.


8. Enjoy Some Art at St Paul de Vence

St Paul de Vence is famous for the wonderful pieces of artworks it houses. Especially the Fondation Maeght, a museum dedicated to modern art, is truly a must visit place for anyone who visits the French Riviera for a vacation. Designed by Jose-Luis Sert, the beautifully lit and airy building of Foundation Maeght is a spectacle by itself. The building is located is located just a short distance away from the village of St Paul de Vence. The museum is full of beautiful artworks created by some of the most profound artists of the 20th century, like Raoul Ubac, Matisse, Braque and Miro, Giacometti, Alexander Calder and many more.




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