4 Cultural Attractions on Bora Bora

Bora Bora is known for its tropical beaches and abundant sunshine, but the best vacations allow you to explore the island’s lesser-known attractions. If you want to get off the beaten path and experience a new side of the island, visit these top cultural attractions on Bora Bora.


Alain Despert Studio of Bora Bora

The Alain Despert Studio of Bora Bora is home to many talented local artists. While you can view some of the unique artwork on the gallery’s website, you’ll definitely want to make the trip to see the art in person, as much of the artwork mimics the island’s tropical sights. In addition to taking in the wonderful views inside the studio, visitors can also watch the sunset while overlooking the open sea of the blue lagoon.


Art Du Pacific

The Art Du Pacific has much more to see than local artwork. Visitors can explore the gallery while learning about the history and culture of the French and Polynesian people and discovering how the past continues to influence the island of Bora Bora today. The gallery has exhibits featuring both local and international art. If you come across a sculpture, etching, or painting that really speaks to you, you will be pleased to find that most of the artwork is for sale. This attraction is also family-friendly, so it’s perfect for educating your children about the island’s history.


Marine Museum

If you prefer researching boats and marine history over taking a ride on the sea, this is the perfect attraction for you. The Marine Museum is home to over 40 exhibits, which include ancient canoes and fishing boats, legendary ships, and Polynesian navigation tools. The museum features interesting historic artifacts, including some from the World War II era. This free museum accepts donations and is open by request only. Visitors will appreciate the guided tour by the museum’s owner, a local resident who is dedicated to preserving marine history.


Bora Bora Four-Wheel Drive Island Tour

If you don’t have transportation during your stay in Bora Bora, you might be limited to visiting the attractions near your hotel. To explore further, schedule a four-wheel drive tour of the island. The tour picks guests up at most Bora Bora hotels multiple times throughout the day and takes you to all the best spots on the island. When using Hotel Planner to book your Bora Bora hotel, double check that it’s on the list of pickup locations.
During the 3.5-hour trip, you can expect to stop at some of the best lookout points, including East Matira and Faanui. The four-wheel drive vehicle will take you across the entire island as you scale you up some of the nearby mountains and drive by the island’s volcanoes.
You could spend endless hours enjoying the many beaches of Bora Bora, but don’t miss your chance to explore the island the way the locals do. Add these exciting cultural attractions to your Bora Bora itinerary.



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