Vibrant Colors Are Hot! Hayo + Ekii Launch Bag Collection

We are super thrilled to show you what we’ve been working in the past 6 months! In partnership with Colombian designer, Laura Riquett, we at Hayo have launched Ekii, a new line of bags and accessories handmade in Colombia by the Wayúu ethnicity. This is the first of many collaborations with artisans from around the world that Hayo intends to do. We want to bring you stories and also show you the results of the work of the communities we talk about.


Ekii, which means ‘Origin’ in Wayúu language, was born with the objective of supporting the Wayúu indigenous group by working with them on the production of their goods as well as donating the necessary resources to improve their lives.


These dazzling bags can carry many different things, from bottles of wine (I’ve done this) to magazines, iPads, beach towels, picnic blankets, scarfs, you name it. They are strong, spacious, unique, stylish, functional, and very fashionable. The patterns in the clutches are also designed and produced by Wayúu women and because everything is handmade, no two pieces are the same!


Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila1 Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila2pink

We have launched with three different styles to start: the traditional mochila, the single color mochila and a line of simple clutches. The traditional mochila, called katoui or susu, can take up to a month to weave. These are the most traditional form of art to express their culture, story, and traditions. A matriarchal society, the women are the center of their ethnicity and the ones that carry these cultural traditions. The knowledge is passed down from generation to generation and each weaver is free to choose the pattern, colors and tell the stories as they prefer.


Every mochila or accessory we sell has been handcrafted by Wayúu women that have been paid the commercial price of each piece of their work. With the profits collected by Ekii, we are donating resources and supplies to help them achieve a more comfortable living and help the children have a better future. What this means is that instead of writing a check to the organization, we are hands on, working with them in the community to learn their needs first-hand to be able to better help where they need it the most. You can read more about the Wayúu people and our pledge here.


Take a look at the line and use the code MyEkii for a 20% discount at checkout!


Do good while looking good! #ThisMochilaHelps


Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila8 Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila9Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila12 Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila11 Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila5Ekii_Hayo Wayuu Mochila4



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