Love Cycling? Here Are 5 Stretches in India You Must Try Out

The amazing terrain of India promises any biking enthusiast an adrenaline rush as they ride through the rocky hills and challenging mountains to unravel unexplored places and discover the various cultures that accompany them. Here are some cycling routes located all over the country which must be on the bucket list of any biking junkie wanting to visit India in the upcoming months and for those within the country that have caught up to the adventure sport phenomenon that has hit India in the last couple of years.


Shillong To Mawlynnong


Cherrapunji and Mawsynram are two of the wettest places in the earth and the incredible bursts of rainfall in these areas promise beautiful greenery and abundance of flora and fauna all around the year. The Nohkalikai waterfall which is located along the trail is an attraction not to be missed. The monasteries situated on the mountain sides and the attractive valley gorges promise a sight to behold.


The 275-kilometer stretch is for bikers with moderate experience as the gorges and mountain ridges are steep making it difficult for beginners with little to no experience to navigate through. The completion of the journey usually takes up to 7 days but may extend up to 10 days for those interested in a slower laid back trail.



Mumbai To Alibaug


A boon for beginners, this stretch promises beautiful scenery and an easier terrain. With the wind flowing though their hair and caressing their cheek, the riders truly experience peace as they ride through the amazing Western Coast and experience Mumbai. The delicious local ethnic cuisine found near the coast is enough to satisfy anyone’s cravings and is another aspect of this trail which must not be missed out on.


The trail usually takes about 2 days to complete and is popular among those wanting to try a hand at cycling for the first time.


Bomdila To Tawang


The smallest administrative district of Arunachal Pradesh is a stunning place blessed with the loveliness of Nature’s beauty. It has no dearth of various cultures and traditions for visitors to discover and explore in Tawang. The trail will take you through rice plantations, ancient monasteries and stunning thick forests with the beautiful snow-clad mountains as the backdrop.


The level of difficulty is moderate and the trail usually takes about 3 to 4 days to complete.


Udaipur To Jodhpur


Here is a trail that takes you through the land of kings and palaces in one of the most royal states of the country. The unique beauty of Rajasthan is what makes this stretch unique as the sand dunes are certain to take your breath away and the delightfully colorful and spicy cuisine is enough to keep your stomach satisfied while on the journey. The ancient buildings around the area cultivate a feeling of royalty as the astonishing forts and rich structures surround you in all of their splendor.


This 357-kilometer ride is as exciting as a ride can get and there are numerous other co-riders for company as you journey through the majestic city of Udaipur to the imperial Jodhpur with stops at Kumbhalgarh, Jojawar and Dhakri.


Kochi To Alleppey


For those wanting to test the waters of adventure cycling, this trail provides one of the best ways to determine whether or not you are fit for the sport as the stretch offers a flat terrain and lasts a relatively shorter distance. This 1 day stretch takes you along the backwaters and sandy beaches along the coasts of the area and fish and coconut water is available aplenty. The fresh coastal food available is a treat for those looking to taste a part of the state’s culture.


So, choose a trail and get your bike and body ready for the amazing journey that awaits you as you lose yourself in all of nature’s gifts and glory.
Rohit Agarwal is an adventure junkie and sports enthusiast residing in India. He enjoys writing about his adventures on and writing content on the various types of adventure sports that his country has to offer.




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