Edward Barnieh’s Contrasting Hong Kong

He moved to Hong Kong three years ago from London, to pursue his career in animation and he now works at Cartoon Networks. Edward Barnieh became interested in photography 7 or 8 years ago and aside from photography he’s also passionate about the tech culture and art history. For him, the rise of photography in the social media culture has grown into a great way to meet new people and connect with other communities. He sees a competitive nature to photography on social media, with friends always striving to reach greater heights, which sets the bar high for all aspiring photographers.


This photo essay of Hong Kong shows his vision of a contrasting city. From condensed areas to open spaces, Edward has chosen a few images that show what Hong Kong looks like for him. “Most people are aware of the densely packed business and residential districts, but very few people know that Hong Kong is 75% countryside.”, he expressed. Check out these brilliant images and follow him on Instagram for more delightful photos.




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