An Insight into the Recent Partnership between Hasbro,, and Paramount Pictures

Technology has been advancing on a daily basis. For instance, the internet was created as a way of bringing people together regardless of their location. With time, people realized that they could also utilize the internet for activities such as e-commerce. E-commerce is the process whereby you can sell your goods online. The main advantage of e-commerce is that you can provide your products and services to a large group of people regardless of their location. As for, the online retailer is based in China. The company was founded in 2004. Richard Liu Qiangdong serves as an executive and founder of the company.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a visionary entrepreneur. He is also ambitious. Although he has had various ups and downs while in the entrepreneurship sector, he has never given up. At first, Jingdong was involved in the sale of computers after its establishment in late 2004. Over the years, the e-commerce entity experienced some profound growth thereby enabling them to expand their base of operation as well as the products and services that they were offering. Richard Liu is one of the entrepreneurs who understand the importance of client satisfaction. He strives to ensure that the client base does not receive any counterfeit products.


For more than a decade, has been able to maintain its position as the leading online retailer in China. The prominence of the company has been attracting various corporations that always express an interest in forming a partnership with Jingdong. Recently,, Hasbro, and Paramount Pictures entered into a partnership. Hasbro and Paramount Pictures are both film production companies. Recently, the film companies released the Bumblebee Movie. The partnership with was meant to celebrate the release of the film.


In the film, Bumblebee was in the run in 1987. To secure his life, he sought refuge in a junkyard that was located in California. Hailee Steinfeld is one of the actors in the film. She is assuming the role of Charlie who turns 18 as the movie progresses. Since Charlie was now 18, she felt that the best gift she could get is a car. She then visited the junkyard and got a yellow Volkswagen bug. Coincidentally, Bumblebee was the yellow VW bug. At that moment, Bumblebee was broken and battle-scarred. Nevertheless, he was still up and running.


The partnership between Hasbro and Jingdong took place in 2017. The partnership paved the way for the creation of action figures such as Red Knight and Optimus Prime. Red Knight is a Transformers character who was striving to ensure that the energon fuel source is always secure. The Red Knight action figure was released on December 29th, 2018. If you are interested in the Red Knight action figure, you can purchase it through JD. Jingdong was also able to come up with the “Super Bumblebee Day” sales promotion. This sales promotion took place on 4th January, the same day that the Bumblebee film was being premiered in China. During the sales promotion, more than 300 million clients purchased the merchandise that was produced courtesy of the partnership between Jingdong and Hasbro. Numerous delivery boxes and vans owned by also had the Bumblebee-themed designs.


As the largest online retailer in China, Jingdong is able to influence the Chinese retail market. Furthermore, the company has a positive portfolio since they sell original products. Furthermore, also engages in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Engaging in corporate philanthropy is very important since there many people who depend on the charitable acts of well-wishers such as Additionally, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) helps to empower the company’s positive portfolio. It is among the few ways that companies such as Jingdong can gain more positive publicity since they are giving back to society.




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