Ideas for Sporting Vacations

Mid-winter is a perfect time to be thinking about planning your summer vacation, and it’s great fun to browse through brochures and look at all the travel websites for ideas. If you fancy a change from your usual kind of vacation, there’s no shortage of options available, and one increasingly popular choice is sporting-themed trips.

Sporting venues and organizations have realized that by providing facilities that complement their primary function, they can attract greater numbers of enthusiasts to their resorts, and there’s been a massive investment in sports resorts over recent years. There are sports-related facilities in most countries, covering a wide range of activities and leisure pursuits, including:



There are several different types of cycling vacations you could take. If you like the idea of an adventure, then mountain biking in the forests and wilderness areas is challenging and exhilarating. You can match the terrain to the members of your group too, so kids can join in the fun without being overstretched.
Alternatively, you could stick to the more sedate option of touring around the country roads of Europe, stopping at scenic points en route and staying overnight in the rural villages and small towns. Bikes can be hired at reasonable rates in many resorts, or you can take your own if you prefer.



Golfing vacations are one of the most well-established types of sporting breaks, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to resorts. Golf is popular all over the world, and there are a variety of course types to choose from, such as the famous Scottish links courses, and the beautifully manicured parkland courses.
Facilities at golf courses are usually pretty luxurious, and there’s normally plenty of activities to keep non-golfers happy as well, like swimming, spas, and local attractions. If you’re thinking about a golfing trip, treat yourself to the latest technological developments such as hybrid golf clubs to help improve your game – the better you play, the more you’ll enjoy your vacation!



If you enjoy walking and getting close to nature, a hiking trip is sure to be enjoyable. You can hike each day to a new location, camping or staying in a hotel overnight, or for a less intense experience, head out each day from a holiday resort or cottage to explore a new area. There are walking books and apps available for most areas that give you detailed instructions of where to go, so you won’t get lost, and you’ll know what to expect. If you’re up for a bit more adventure, you could combine your trip with other activities like rock-climbing, abseiling, caving, diving, water sports, or a survival experience.
These are just a few examples of sports-themed vacations that are widely available, but there are many more choices so you should find something that will satisfy most tastes. Sporting vacations can be highly restorative, providing mental diversion and physical activity, two of the best ways to combat stress. For a successful trip, choose a location and activity level that suits everyone who’s going with you, and make sure you have the right equipment for making the most of your time away.




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