Call for Submissions: Hayo No. 3: North

Hayo focuses on first-person stories and experiences shared by real people. The magazine gets at the heart of how we affect and are affected by place. If you’re a traveler who is passionate about making connections and authentic experiences around the world, take a look at the listing below and see if you can craft a submission for our upcoming issue, Hayo No. 3: North. Keep in mind the theme of the issue is NORTH. As broad as it sounds, we’re looking for content that relates to that.


Please note that submissions that do not adhere to the Submissions Guidelines below will not be considered.


(150 to 250 words)
Please send finished texts only

What does “North” mean to you? Transport us there with rich sensory detail in a very brief piece of prose or poetry.


Travel Stories
(800 or 1,500 words)
Please send finished texts or pitches with writing samples

Hayo’s Travel Stories are first-person narrative accounts of travel, in which the unique nature of a place and the people who inhabit it are depicted through the lens of your personal experience. Take us on a journey so we can see this place and meet these people for ourselves! And remember, while your voice and personal perspective are essential to a good Travel Story, don’t forget that ultimately Travel Stories are a portrait of a place.


Photo Essays
(10–15 low res JPGs)
Please send finished images only

At the heart of Hayo is beautiful photography that transports our readers to destinations charged with beauty, vibrancy and the unexpected. Share a perspective or place that we have never seen before, whether through its food, people, architecture or landscape.


Illustrated Stories
(8–10 low res JPGs)
Please send finished images or pitches with artwork samples

Introducing a new section in the magazine, Illustrated Stories teach us about the unique elements, history and/or inhabitants of a place, through an experience that taught the artist a life lesson or was a life-changing travel experience. (See “Memories” in No. 2: East as example).


Art Submission
(10–15 low res JPGs)
Please send submissions of finished artworks only

If you’re an artist that uses the canvas (or any other format) as a way to communicate a positive message about a community, an identity, a nationality or otherwise, we’d love to hear from you and learn about how your work impacts this community.


Please send pitches with writing or photography samples

If you have a particular story that you would like to submit but it’s not part of the categories above, you can now do that. Mention why this story would be great for Hayo and where in our print issue you think it would fit.


Submissions Guidelines

To submit to Hayo No 3: North, please send your submission to by August 12, 2017.


BEFORE SUBMITTING, please get familiar with Hayo. Read a copy of Hayo No. 1: South or No. 2: East to familiarize yourself with the publication and check out our IndieGoGo page for more details. Submissions that don’t follow Hayo’s interests will not be considered.


We do not accept texts previously published (in print or online) in English.


Texts should be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word or a file format we can open with Word. Relevant images may be included in low-res JPG format.


Images for Photo Essays should be included as low-res JPGs. A brief introductory text (max 250 words) may be included.


Hayo pays all contributors. Fees are based on word length or number of images (for Photo Essays) and, as Hayo is a new small magazine, are modest.


Due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to respond to everyone. We prioritize submissions by past contributors over authors we have not worked with previously.


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