Editor’s Letter: July, A Summer In Europe

Dear readers,summer

This is the first Editor’s letter in our magazine and I wanted to start by welcoming you to this online world of travel experiences. Here at Hayo we love dreaming about our next destinations and talking about the last ones, so you can find a rich selection of interviews, eye candy lists, photo essays, and travel recommendations from experts; in general, you can learn about places you have never visited before.

In the northern hemisphere it’s finally summer and we’re looking for any excuse to get out of our offices or homes to enjoy the sunshine. After all, we’ve been waiting a while for it! Europe has always been a great place to visit during the summer because it offers a variety of options: beaches, outdoor activities, caf├ęs, walking tours, hiking, bike riding, midnight sunsets, beautiful gardens… basically every activity that is not very popular in the winter.

We have dedicated the month of July to finding these gems in Europe that not everyone knows about. We’ve interviewed movers & shakers who will give you the inside scoop on their cities and we’ve been preparing some beautiful eye candy lists for your 5 Minute Vacation.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared for this edition! Please leave us a comment if you’d like to be a part of our pool of contributors or have great ideas you’d like to share with us.

Have a sunny summer!

xo, Joanna

Joanna Riquett
Joanna Riquett

Joanna is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Hayo Magazine. Her areas of expertise include content strategy, travel writing, community building, and creative explorations around publishing and media.

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