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In honour of our January theme ‘Health and Wellness’ Hayo has teamed up with Sun Temple Foods , a website about the importance of treating your body like a temple through healthy cooking and eating. Sun Temple also realizes that our modern day lifestyles make healthy eating tough so there is an emphasis on creating delicious and wholesome recipes that are relevant to our modern lifestyles. Read below their story and tips on the importance of packing healthy, nutrient dense snacks while travelling.

Sun Temple Cereal Bars

Sun Temple Cereal Bars.


I am diabetic, a mother and growing up I was a Brownie and a Guide so I am well prepared in always carrying a snack. When travelling, that snack needs to be something that is not squishy so it will be well behaved in my handbag.

Lets be honest, unless you are lucky to be in the more expensive seats, food can be an issue while travelling. The meals are well-thought out due to the restricted conditions but they are never substantial enough to last you through your entire commute and not very Temple friendly and certainly not fresh.

Carrying snacks is partly to do with hunger, partly to do with keeping a good blood sugar balance as well as a treat for killing boredom. When my children were little, the best flights were the ones where I had something to pull out every half hour or so, sometimes being games and puzzles, but most sought-after, something to eat. Tips to keeping your temple happy and healthy during long flights are: staying hydrated, move around to get your oxygen and blood circulating and choosing to not pollute your temple with unhealthy snacks to helps to minimize jet lag.

Rosemary Cashews

Rosemary Cashews


My 5 Favourite Snacks For Long Haul Travel 

1. Homemade  Cereal Bars
2. Sweet Marmite Balls (mixture of dates, chia, rice flour, almonds, flaxseed and Marmite)
3. Rosemary and Cusho nuts (roasted cashews flavoured with rosemary and cayenne)
4. Dried Fruit (dates, figs and prunes being my favourite)
5. Mini sandwiches made bread-free (rather made with nuts and seeds with different fillings such as humous, goats cheese, nut butter)

For more healthy recipes and tips to start your new year right visit Sun Temple Foods. Bon Appetite!

Photos by Sun Temple Food.

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