Rio de Janeiro: The Inside Scoop

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Hallie at Inhotim, an art exhibit outside Belo Horizonte.

If anyone can give you the inside scoop of a city, that’s Hallie Neumann, a savvy traveler originally from Ohio but who has been living abroad for 8 years in places like Buenos Aires, Madrid and lately, Rio de Janeiro, where she tells us the best things to do. Hallie is the General Manager of the bespoke luxury travel boutique Blue Parallel and has helped plan and execute trips throughout Latin America and the Mediterranean. Soccer player, yogi and bike rider, she finds her way around every city that she visits, always looking for those hidden gems that we all love. Her style? Luxury for business and very social for personal curiosity.

Hayo Magazine asked her to give us the inside scoop on Rio de Janeiro so you can enjoy your visit while attending the World Cup. She lived in Rio for about a year and has visited it 4 times this year already. She loves the “cidade maravilhosa”, a proper nickname first coined by Andre Filho.

Here is a short interview to Hallie Neumann and her travel experiences.


If you could choose three cities you have visited, which ones would be?
Capetown has everything a traveler wants: the Cape wine route offers stunning mountain views and delicious wine, active pursuits such as hiking Table Mountain or to the southernmost point of the Cape of Good Hope, sophisticated dining scene with small town hospitality, diverse culture and history, one still feels the significant impact that Mandela had on the city and nation; a visit to Robben Island is a must.

Rio is the perfect combination of city and nature. The city has a vibrant energy but it is balanced by the ebb of the ocean, mountains with lush jungle vegetation and the 6 km lagoon in the middle of the city. It’s a great spot to experience the local culture as the carioca’s easy, friendly nature is very inviting. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen.

San Francisco, I love the laid back yet educated forward thinking vibe the city has; it’s a very educated and cultured city. I also found it to be a very tolerant place and on a night-out in the Mission you will be surrounded by all different kinds of people. The city landscape is very charming with Victorian and modern architecture. I also love the fact that right outside of the city one can go hiking in Point Reyes or wine tasting in Napa Valley.

For what kind of travelers is Rio better suited?
It’s best suited for people that are looking for a laid-back, local experience. Rio has a special joie de vivre. Whether dancing samba in the street on a Monday in Pedro de Sal, playing sports or socializing on the beach, it’s all about the local vibe. It’s also a great fit for the active traveler as there are numerous hikes to gorgeous look out points, paddle boarding in Copacabana or biking around La Lagoa.

Where do we find you on a sunny day in Rio de Janeiro?
On the beach either in Leblon at Posto 12 or the secluded Joatinga beach just outside the city.

What kind of city is Rio?
Rio is a wonderful place and I love it, but it’s just starting to get more high end restaurant options and it’s becoming more sophisticated, I guess because of the World Cup, but there are not many places where you can find great cocktails, for example. Yet people are more relaxed and in touch with their bodies. It’s definitely a more sensual city, but in a good and appropriate way.

Here are her suggestions for the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro and you can contact her through her LinkedIn profile.

Rio de Janeiro: The Inside Scoop

By Hayo Magazine

An interview to Hallie Neumann, an expert traveler who knows Rio inside out.

  • Go dancing at Vidigal or Santa Marta

    By Hayo Magazine

    A safe foreign-friendly favela in Rio where Beyoncé filmed "Put it in a love song" and where you can go out at night and where there are incredible house parties with great views.

  • Enjoy sushi at Azumi

    By Hayo Magazine

    A local Japanese restaurant in Copacabana

  • Enjoy sundown cocktails at Palaphita Kitch

    By Hayo Magazine

    …and watch the sunset over the Lagoa. Make sure to try the caipisake with liche and tangerine

  • Rent bikes and explore the beaches and Lagoa

    By Hayo Magazine

    A great way to spend a day in Rio.

  • Brunch at Escola de Pao

    By Hayo Magazine

    A restaurant at the "Jardin Botanico"

  • Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro

    By Hayo Magazine

    For a rainy day, see what exhibits are showing at the MAM or MAR. Two great museums of the city.

  • Hike Dois Irmaos with a local guide

    By Hayo Magazine

    Ride motorcycles up through the Vidigal favela then hike to the top of the mountain for amazing views (with none of the crowds associated with Sugar Loaf or Corcovado)

  • Adega Pérola

    By Hayo Magazine

    A typical neighborhood boteco in Copacabana

  • Santa Teresa

    By Hayo Magazine

    A place to go: Bar do Mineiro and for nice cocktails Bar do Descansados in Hotel Santa Teresa.

  • Samba circle in Pedra do Sal

    By Hayo Magazine

    Every monday and friday evening starting at 7pm the Roda Do Samba at Pedra do Sal performs original carioca music. Not to miss if you like dancing.

  • Botanical Garden

    By Hayo Magazine

    For nature and plant lovers, definitely explore Botanical Gardens and Parque Lage

  • Clubhouse Rio

    By Hayo Magazine

    For Rio residents, check out the new Clubhouse Rio, a private members only club opening up in August 2014

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