Quick and Easy Yoga Tips To Do While Traveling

Sasha BahadorThe beautiful, inside and out, Sasha Bahador, shares her rituals and quick yoga tips when traveling. Before she was even a yoga teacher, 10 years ago, she has always been a connector of people. Sasha found in yoga, its way of living, conducting our lives and relationships a profound identification. According to her experience, the whole premise of yoga is creating connection be it between people, situations or actions, and Sasha’s infeasible desire is, ultimately, to connect people with themselves, with their authentic soul selves.

“The yoga postures are a vehicle to access the deepest layers of ourselves that create that connection”, she explains. “I call yoga the silent reviver. Some people start in yoga because of a back pain or to keep fit, but even if they don’t realize it, they are waking up, they are remembering how precious is to be alive”.

How yoga influences your life?
Yoga transformed me from a liar to someone who keeps it real. Through the practice of the postures, breath and way of life, yoga makes space in the body, in the mind and grants you a pause. In that pause I got to find my indweller or my wisdom self and  when you go that deep inside of yourself and turn on the light,  you can see what’s inside, it’s a little bit hard to hide. For me that was the moment when I noticed I was full of sh*t. I was losing my friends and family because I became super righteous like I wouldn’t eat my mom’s food, in many ways I was living a lie and disconnected from the people I love the most. After a long journey of practicing and peeling away this lies, I was able to find the light again and the answers to my questions.

What are you most passionate about? 
I’m a believer in humans. I think we can make it and what really excites me is the possibility that even if one person wakes up and sees what’s real and what’s not, then we’ve made progress, and if I can facilitate that in some way, then that’s really exciting for me.

What is your yoga travel routine?
I love inversions, anything upside down is my favorite. If I don’t have much time at least I do a few of those and meditation, even if it’s just a check in of how my heart feels and what the quality of my thoughts are.

What do you always travel with?
A ridiculously oversized scarf. I love being wrapped up in something. Also, my essential oils and a poetry book.

Now that you go to know Sasha a little bit more, here are her instructions for some quick and easy yoga tips to do while traveling.

Quick Yoga Fixes To Keep in Mind While Traveling

By Hayo Magazine

Don't want to miss out your routing and want to know some quick morning yoga tips while you are away? Keep reading! By yoga instructor: Sasha Bahador.

  • Connection

    By Hayo Magazine

    Yoga is about connection, be it with your breath or people you may meet on the travels of life. Finding time to put your phone aside & make real & vulnerable connection with the locals & surroundings.

  • Presence

    By Hayo Magazine

    Start your day with 5 minutes of sitting still & silent, ask yourself how you feel & honour the emotions & thoughts that may need acknowledgement before setting out on your adventures.

  • Sensory Awareness

    By Hayo Magazine

    We take in the world through our 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, yet we often don't pause enough for that discernment. Try using each sense with heightened attention.

  • Breath Therapy

    By Hayo Magazine

    Our breath carries in it Prana. Use alternate nostril breathing, closing the mouth, close L nostril with R index finger & take inhale into open R nostril, switch nostrils & repeat for few minutes.

  • Twist it

    By Hayo Magazine

    Twisting will invigorate your energy & digestion, while forward folding your spine over your legs & relaxing your neck will calm your mind & nervous system.

  • Move it

    By Hayo Magazine

    All movement is great while traveling & so many yoga poses to choose from- generally ending your day with putting your legs up a wall or any inversions for 10 minutes with restore your Prana.

  • Roll Out

    By Hayo Magazine

    Our body is a magical landscape of energy channels. Pack a lacrosse or pressure point ball & at the end of the day lay down placing the ball under buttocks, upper back & find trigger points of tension

Do you have more suggestions on quick yoga fixes? Let us know in the comments!

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