NYC – Clients & Cocktails

This is the inaugural edition of Clients & Cocktails, a series that will highlight great places where doing business is both appropriate and desirable. As with any column of this type, there will always be favorites I missed so I encourage you to mention them in the comments. I’m always down for finding new places!

Starting with New York City, a city built for business, was easy enough. This is a city where much of the relationship building and early seeds of big deals are planted over cocktails and dinner well into the evening. Here are a few of my favorite spots to eat, drink, impress, be impressed, and to have a great time doing business with great people. Life’s too short for anything else.

What are you favorite spots for doing business in NYC?

Cover photo by Monika Clarke.

Dario Meli
Dario Meli

CEO of Quietly, entrepreneur & business strategist, Co-founder of Invoke and Hootsuite. Dario is a lover of travel, fantastic cocktails, and great conversations. Connect with him @quikness on Twitter

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