New York City Cheat Sheet by Rameet Chawla

Rameet_ChawlaIf style had a name that would be Rameet Chawla, a well known NYC character not only for his vast experience on mobile technology and a player in the global technology scene, but also for his remarkable fashion style. You can see him around New York City rocking his new “Jesus” style: long beard, long hair, and dressed up in fancy suits, shiny shoes and a whole lot of good vibe.

He’s the founder of Fueled, an award-winning technology product consultancy, the Fueled Collective, a socially-driven event space and incubator home to 35 of New York’s fastest growing startups, and Spare Change, a nonprofit that incentivizes consumers to round up their purchases for the benefit of local food banks. If you’d like to see more of his lifestyle, check his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

This is a quick New York City Cheat Sheet with Rameet’s secrets to enjoy NYC the way he does. What are his favorite restaurants? Where does he go to stock his wardrobe? Find those answers here.

For how long have you been in NYC and what’s your favorite thing about it?
I’ve bee in NYC for ten years. I love that there is just so much to do and such diversity in what is available to you. Art, music, fashion, business, you name it, you can do it all in NYC.

What’s your favorite plan in NYC?
My favorite plan is to bike over the bridge, meet a girl at one of the amazing dinner spots in Williamsburg and walk back over the bridge with her.

What would be an ideal day in NYC for you?
I love what I do professionally, so every workday is an ideal day for me. I’ll work during the day, perhaps go to a post-work event, head to dinner, then I’ll come back to the office to burn some of that midnight oil. I almost always come in on weekends to work as well.

NYC Cheat Sheet By Rameet Chawla

By Hayo Magazine

A quick guide of his favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and chill in NYC

  • Shop: Thom Browne

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Shop: Odin

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Shop: Open Ceremony

    By Hayo Magazine

    – Bonus: Odin

  • Shop: Sage de Crêt

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Eat: Marlow & Sons

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Eat: Maison Premier

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Eat: ZZ’s Clam Bar

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Bar: The Butcher’s Daughter

    By Hayo Magazine

    Juice bar! Still counts, right?

  • Nightlife: Acme

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Nightlife: Paul’s Baby Grand

    By Hayo Magazine

  • Favorite Coffee Shop

    By Hayo Magazine

    Parlor Coffee

  • A must see/must attend in NYC?

    By Hayo Magazine

    Sleep No More

  • Favorite time of the year in NYC?

    By Hayo Magazine

    Spring- it’s a relief to have some warm weather after a long cold winter.

rameet 23 spots to go shopping

– Thom Browne
– Sage de Crêt
– Open Ceremony
– Bonus: Odin

3 favorite places to eat

– ZZ’s Clam Bar
– Maison Premier
– Marlow & Sons

3 nightlife and/or bars you love

– Paul’s Baby Grand
– Acme
– Butcher’s Daughter (Juice bar! Still counts, right?)

Favorite Coffee Shop?

– Parlor Coffee

A must see/must attend in NYC?

– Sleep No More

Your favorite time of the year in the city?

Spring- it’s a relief to have some warm weather after a long cold winter


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