Because traveling can be done without disrupting the world’s ecosystems 

Eco Travel Tips

It normally rains in May but we woke up this day and it was a beautiful sunny morning. We ate our breakfast and packed our daily bags to spend a day in the water.

Gone are the days when we didn’t think much about the way we traveled, nor cared for sustainable practices in the places we visited. But if we want to continue exploring the world, and even more so, explore a world that is healthy and fair to all living species, we must make some changes in the way we do it.

Ecotourism promotes sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and minimizes impacts on the environment. It’s not driven by economic growth at the expense of natural resources, but rather it proposes a way of educating travelers into making conscious green choices by allowing the necessary time for nature to regenerate and not compromise its resources.

Destinations we've loved
Mexico City Creative Immersion Journey - Hayo Experience

We're curating a small group to join our second Creative Immersion Journey to Mexico City on May 3 to 7.On this trip, you'll have the chance to learn a bit about the city's history, see some of the most iconic murals including those of Diego Rivera, hear from local creatives about their passion and projects, and enjoy the architecture and design aspects of well-known studios, houses, and restaurants. And maybe some Lucha Libre too.Join our journey! More info here: http://hayo.co/trips/

Posted by Hayo Magazine on Monday, 19 March 2018

Mexico City, MEXICO

On this trip, you’ll have the chance to learn a bit about the city’s history, see some of the most iconic murals including those of Diego Rivera, hear from local creatives about their passion and projects, and enjoy the architecture and design aspects of well-known studios, houses, and restaurants. And maybe some Lucha Libre too.

A Day in Wadi Rum, Jordan

It feels like 2018 is finally getting started and we couldn't resist sharing our second video of Jordan. This time, we're in the desert of Wadi Rum, a magical place that reminds you how vast and beautiful is this world. The desert possesses an energetic pull that brings down all social constructs and invites you to surrender to the infinite layers of sand softly placed by the wind. We let ourselves be seduced by the desert. We loved Wadi Rum. More photos: http://hayo.co/5-second-vacay-in-jordan

Posted by Hayo Magazine on Monday, 8 January 2018

Wadi Rum Desert, JORDAN

This is just a little tease of the amazing trip we had in Jordan with Visit Jordan.

Green cities & quick reads

Ljubljana –pronounced loo-blee-ah-nah–, capital of Slovenia, has somehow managed to stay off the radar of the flock of tourists that visit Europe every year, but little do they know that this city is home to an eccentric and unique creative scene.

Boat and mind meander in tandem into the dreamy canals – so distant emotionally from the ride and grind of Mexico City, yet still within its limits, only a couple metro transfers from its jam-clogged city center.

It is a fact that San Miguel de Allende has become more and more a magnet for people from all over the world in search of experiences that enrich their lives. You only need set foot in this town to realize all the cultural options that are available to art lovers, starting with the beauty of its colonial streets, historic buildings, art schools, galleries, exhibitions and concerts.

These individuals stick to the Mexican saying: “camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente” (the crab that falls asleep, is swept away by the sea) and do not lose time to reinvent themselves and their beloved CDMX.

A graceful middle-aged woman with a straight back and bohemian blouse descends the stairs at El Amate Bio-Disciplinary Center in Tepoztlan. She is going to give us a tour.“There are places in the world that attract very interesting people, very eclectic people”, she tells us as we follow her up the stairs, through a kitchen, to a rooftop patio, and back down to the main floor.

Part weekend warrior’s Hot Topic, part beer-fed aging metalhead playland, Tianguis Cultural del Chopo is the street market source for all things musically and culturally black: metal, punk, goth, oi!, hardcore, etc. Currently situated along Calle Juan Aldama, El Chopo began in 1980 as a trading post for music, literature, and film fans far on the outskirts of “normal.”

Our Preferred Accommodations

If you’re looking for an artsy, cool vibe, modern motel concept, look no further, the Surjack Hotel & Swim Club is your answer.

The Sun City Camp offering serenity and spiritual soothing experience of living in the desert and enjoying the simple Bedouin life of the valley with its unmatched authentic charm and beauty.

Having recently opened its doors, The Williamsburg Hotel is quickly becoming a reference of this iconic neighborhood of New York. We loved the attention to detail, from the key cards to the in-room information sheets, everything was well thought through in design and style.

Travel Hacks

A new year brings about new feelings of wanderlust, but with the holiday season winding to a close, this feeling is amplified even more. Don’t worry though, we put together a list of the best ways to find last-minute travel deals so you can still get away and not break the bank doing it.

From exploring new cities to planning curated itineraries, this list of travel apps will get you from point A to B and everywhere in between and will do it in style. With these apps, you’ll get some visual aids, travel advice, flight information and everything else in between to make your next trip the best it can be.